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Al-Aman Fund | Al Aman Fund Launches its 2017 End of Year Campaign “End Your Year with Giving”
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Al Aman Fund Launches its 2017 End of Year Campaign “End Your Year with Giving”

As part of its strategic plan to encourage all segments of the community to play an active role towards orphans, Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans –an initiative by Queen Rania Foundation, launched its end of year campaign for 2017 “End Your Year with Giving”. The campaign offerscommunity members the chance to support and give donationsto an important and less fortunate segment of our society, its orphans.

The campaign was launched across a wide and diverse range of media channels,in order to reach the largest number of community members wishing to donate. The aim of the campaign is to helpAl-Aman Fund achieve its goal of collecting the largest number of donations for the education of both boarding and non-boarding orphans over the age of 18.Hence, giving them a fair chance and a better future as active and productive community members, to become capable of creating a positive change in their surroundings and the society as a whole.

On this occasion, Mr. Ibrahim AlAhmad, General Manager of Al-Aman Fund, highlighted the importance of the campaign. “The launch of our campaign is an important and profound step to us in many aspects; first of which is that it embodies Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah’s vision of providing to the least fortunate segment in our society, theorphans, the right to get their higher education. Second, it reflects the giving spirit and unity of Jordanians who persevere in lending a helping hand to the orphans. Third, it encourages us to continue our tireless efforts towardsincreasing the number of orphans we can support, by providing them with all they need through either the university education or vocational scholarship programs.”

Al-Aman Fund allocated the landline 065330500 as a direct donation number for the campaign. In addition to the availability of booths and representatives across the main shopping centers in the Kingdom, including: City Mall and Mecca Mall; which are all provided to reach more donors, and help make the donation process more efficient.

Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans is an independent non-profit organization registered under the Ministry of Social Development. The Fund aims at supporting young male and female orphans from across the Kingdom, by providing academic and vocational education, including living expenses and health insurance; in addition to giving them the ideal guidance& counseling, internship&employment opportunities throughout their years of study. To date, 3367 orphans have benefited from the program of which 2252 already started their professional lives.

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