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Al-Aman Fund | Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans Strengthens its Strategic Partnership with AMIDEAST-Jordan
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Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans Strengthens its Strategic Partnership with AMIDEAST-Jordan

Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans (AAF) has recently announced the expansion of its long-term strategic partnership with AMIDEAST, a reputable U.S. organization for international education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa.

Through this cooperation, AAF and AMIDEAST seek to implement several initiatives and programs that will promote economic growth in the Kingdom by developing and embodying the concept of leadership and innovation among Jordanian youth and specifically AAF’s youth. In addition to developing a partnership framework that includes a network of partners and support entities of both civil society organizations and the public and private sectors, with the aim of identifying and implementing the best programs designed to serve the Jordanian youth.

Based on this partnership, AMIDEAST will give priority to AAF’s youth to join its various theoretical and practical programs and courses that work on the youth’s career readiness and capacity building. Thus, enhancing the opportunities of the fund’s youth and enabling them to reach the stage of self-reliance, as well as providing them with the necessary skills to enter the labor market.

The General Manager of Al-Aman Fund, Ms. Noor Homoud, pointed out the necessity of matching the educational content provided to the Jordanian youth, whether academic or vocational, with the labor market’s demands and future jobs. Hence, contributing to the reduction of unemployment rates and pushing forward the wheel of socioeconomic development. Ms. Homoud expressed her belief in the positive impact that will arise from implementing these programs hand in hand with AMIDEAST on the Fund’s youth and the Jordanian youth as a whole.

Launched in 2003 at the initiative of Her Majesty, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, Al-Aman Fund works on supporting the orphaned youth in Jordan by providing academic and vocational education, as well as several self-development, capacity building and livelihood support in order to enable them to become productive, positive and capable of creating sustainable livelihoods.

AMIDEAST Jordan’s Country Director, Ms. Nour Alrasheed, emphasized the importance of AMIDEAST’s partnership with Al-Aman Fund in ensuring impactful programs and initiatives that aim at supporting youth innovation and capacity building.

AMIDEAST is an American, private, nonprofit non-governmental organization dedicated to strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation between Americans and the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa. More than 55 years have passed on the establishment of AMIDEAST in Jordan and it has been a key pillar in the educational and cultural scene in Jordan.


Since 1956, AMIDEAST field office in Jordan has been actively working with the Jordanian people and government to define, identify and improve educational practical solutions for Jordanians.

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