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Al-Aman Fund | Her Majesty’s Involvement – Board of Trustees meeting 2016
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Queen Rania: Success of Al Aman Fund is Measured by the Number of Jobs it Provides to Orphans

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department – Amman) – Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah said that the growing achievements of the Al Aman Fund reflect the confidence its donors have in its noble goals, and the essential services it provides to orphans after they leave state-run orphanages.


The Queen made these remarks during the annual Al Aman Fund Board of Trustees meeting, which she chaired on Sunday.


The meeting reviewed the fund’s accomplishments last year, its progress this year, and its plans for 2017.
Queen Rania highlighted the importance of carrying out impact assessment studies to measure the effectiveness of the Fund’s services, in order to expand currently efficient programs, and scale back on less productive ones.


Her Majesty stressed that the Fund’s success should be measured by the number of jobs it provides to orphaned graduates, because only incomes can help them become independent and able to afford to start families.


Chairman of the Board of Directors, Laith Al Qasem, explained that that the Fund’s aim is to equip orphaned youth with education and necessary skills to become self-reliant productive members of society. To date, Al Aman Fund has helped 2,878 orphaned beneficiaries from all governorates, of whom 1,684 have graduated from universities, colleges and vocational training programs.


Al Qasem added that last year, Al Aman Fund provided scholarships to 815 orphaned students for undergraduate and master’s degrees, college diplomas, and vocational training opportunities.


Among the other services the fund provides, Al Qasem explained that academic and psychological counseling programs have been instrumental in preparing its orphaned beneficiaries for employment.


A significant rise in donations by private individuals has increased the fund’s revenues by 40% last year, according to Al Qasem. He attributed this rise to the fund’s efforts to reach a larger number of private donors through its call center in order to help alleviate fluctuations in financial commitments by private sector companies.


Al Aman’s Fund Director, Mr. Ibrahim Al Ahmad, said that other sources of funding include donations from the government, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations.


The board agreed on the need to start up an investment fund in order to secure the ongoing needs of orphans in the future, and the organization’s long-term financial sustainability.


The meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan Dr. ZiadFareez, Honorable Supreme Judge Dr. Ahmad Helayel, Minister of Social Development WajihAzaizeh, Chairman of the Board of Directors Laith Al Qasem, Fund Treasurer Mr. Mufleh Aqel, Dr. Ahmad Ateeqa, Mr. Mohammad Alayan, as well as legal consultant Mr. Saed Karajah, and CEO of Queen Rania Foundation Ms. Haifa Atia.


Founded by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Al Aman Fund was institutionalized in 2006 as a non-profit organization registered under the Ministry of Social Development in Jordan. The Fund covers its beneficiaries’ tuition fees at higher education institutions and personal expenses.