Your generous support will enable the orphans to continue their education and ensure a better future

Al-Aman Fund | Ramadan Iftar Gathers MS Pharma and Student Beneficiaries of Al Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans
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Ramadan Iftar Gathers MS Pharma and Student Beneficiaries of Al Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans

MS Pharma organized a group Iftar for Al Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans for the occasion of the Holy month of Ramadan. The Iftar was attended by the Board of Director Mr. Qais Sukhtian with a group of the company’s staff as well as representatives from Al Aman Fund, in addition to 18 students who have benefited from MS Pharma’s scholarship. The scholarship has covered their higher academic studies in several Jordanian universities in various scientific fields. Believing, on both ends, that the education of orphaned students is an investment in society as a whole, because of the positive impact it has on encouraging these students to move in the right direction by excelling academically.

The activity aims to motivate students by participating in a group Iftar and to strengthen the social ties between both parties. This comes as a consolidation of the strategic partnership between MS Pharma and Al Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans.

Al Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, an initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, works to support young orphans around the kingdom in their academic and vocational education, living expenses and health insurance, as well as guidance and counseling and internship & employment programs. So far, more than 3777 orphans have benefited from its programs, of which 2537 have graduated and started their careers.

MS Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions provider and partner of choice in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Europe. The company has over 2400 employees, a presence in 12 countries and exports to over 20 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The company has the capability to manufacture branded generics in oral, topical and injectable form. The company is headquartered in Jordan and has manufacturing facilities in Algeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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