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Al-Aman Fund | Success Story – Maher’s Story
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Maher’s Story

I am Maher, a young man of 20 years filled with hopes and dreams.


Since the age of 2 I was raised at an orphan care center in Madaba where my mother left me after my father’s death. She remarried and I was told she moved to the Gulf.


I always dreamt of becoming rich and having a big family of my own but I never had the passion for studying and I left school at the age of 16. Nevertheless, I always believed my dream would come true, just like dreams come true in fairy tales, but I was too young and naïve to realize that dreams only come true with hard work, dedication and perseverance.


At the age of 18, I left my care center and was hit by the harsh reality of the real world. No one was willing to hire me without an education nor the vocational skills required for any job. My first year in the real world was absolute misery; I begged, washed cars in the streets, lived at friends’ houses and worked as a janitor at the orphan care center just to be able to provide myself with food and shelter; that is where I met a social worker from Al-Aman Fund.


She was there on a regular visit to the 17 year olds, to encourage them to pursue their education and to welcome them into their next home, Al-Aman Fund, where they are given a true opportunity for success.


The moment I met that social worker from Al-Aman Fund was a true breakthrough in my life. I jumped at the opportunity and enrolled with them for a vocational program. Al-Aman Fund provided me with a monthly allowance and arranged a tour to companies to help me find the vocation that interests me the most, which is how I found my passion.


In May 2010, I graduated as a skilled worker in AC appliances. So far, I believe I have succeeded in the first step of sustaining myself; I also believe that there is no reason why all my other dreams can’t come true.