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Al-Aman Fund | Success Story – Mais’s Story
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Mais’s Story

My name is Mais, allow me to gladly and confidently share with you my story.


My story begins after I lost my father in a car accident.


The days passed, some good and some bad, but through both I held onto my dream of completing my high school education and my parent’s dream of enrolling at a university.


I still remember the tears of joy in my mother’s eyes when I told her that I passed my Tawjihi exam. My family was so proud of me, happiness filled the entire house and I finally felt that I am one step closer to my dream of holding a university degree. However, that feeling did not last long. I started questioning myself… How am I going to pay my tuition fees? Who is going to pay for my education when we can barely afford rent?
The days passed by and our circumstances became even harder. I started taking part time jobs to be able to save some money on my own. However, one thing was always standing in the way of my career advancement and that was the fact that I didn’t complete my higher education and did not hold a proper degree.


Day by day, I almost lost hope. I felt that the whole world was turning against me and that I will never be the well-educated, independent woman that I have always dreamt of being. Until one day, a friend of mine led me to Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, she told me that they offer programs that can cover my education and living expenses.


Without telling my family I called them the next day, I was surprised with their enthusiasm to meet me. I got more familiar with the support programs that Al-Aman Fund offers to orphans and my heart was filled with hope once again.


From that day forward, my whole life changed. My father’s dream was finally becoming a reality, and I kept repeating “your dream has become a reality, dad” the entire way home! I’m finally going to be a university student,I’m finally going to study and excel like other students!


Al-Aman Fund was truly the lantern that lighted my way and guided me to reach what I wanted and more.
They followed up with me step by step of the way, the same way my father would have done. They paid our rent as he would have and they never forgot to buy me my books. I will never forget the faith they had in me and the support they provided through every single semester.


Today, I’ve thrown away my worries and sadness and have realized my wants and dreams with the grace of God and Al-Aman Fund For the Future of Orphans! That’s not all! I’m now married and waiting to meet my first baby!

And to top it all off, I am writing this story today from Al-Aman Fund offices because I’m now a full-time employee at the Fund!