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Al-Aman Fund | Success Story – Mohammad ‘s Story
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Mohammad’s Story

My name is Mohammad Naser, and I am 21 years old. My age might give the impression that I am young, but the circumstances that I’ve been through have aged me far past my 21 years. I now feel that it is time for me to share my story with everyone proudly and without any fear or shame.


My story began at an orphan care center because my family was separated. I was never close to my family, and I always found myself in need of support, someone to back me up and organize my thoughts to help me answer questions like “What will I be doing when I turn 18? Where will I be? Who will be with me?” These questions were enough to break down any hopes or aspirations of anyone who lived alone in the world.


The days went by and I was approaching the time I had to leave the orphan care center, I found myself between a rock and a hard place. The rock was my thoughts that I could not get past and which were increasing every day, and the hard place was an internal feeling as I was debating whether to be or not to be. The days passed by and I gathered all the strength that was left in me to continue down my path. My goal was clear, to pass the Tawjihi examination, build my own future and defeat the sadness that had accompanied me like my shadow.


By the grace of God, I finally passed my Tawjihi exams, but a voice inside of me kept saying: “Mohammad, this is the end of the road, you are the kind of person who will only ever think of where you will sleep tonight, what job you will have, or who you will live with”. I worked in a range of different jobs and was beginning to lose hope, but I finally realized that we are all living in difficult times, which are made even more difficult if you are a weak person. How can you face the world while being so weak? How could you ever continue your studies with these difficult circumstances?


This went on until I spoke to a friend of mine, who happened to be the key to my new-found optimism and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. How so? My friend was a beneficiary of Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, and he lead me to Al-Aman Fund that guides every orphan student and provides them with ambition. I did not hesitate; I went to the Fund and told them about my dreams, the many things I see myself doing and the places I see myself going. I felt heard for the first time in my life, and that my dream was valued without feeling like my capabilities were being belittled.


Al-Aman Fund approved my application and gave me the opportunity to take courses in mobile phone repair. They also provided me with a home to live in and a monthly allowance throughout my course. In all honesty, Al-Aman Fund has been like the mother and father I have been missing my entire life.
Thank God, I am halfway towards achieving my dream, I have completed the courses offered by the Fund, and until this day, they are constantly following up with me.


It is important to mention that I was not only offered a job, I have worked on myself more and more and became a partner at a mobile phone repair store, purchased a car and became an important contributor in my society. I am also in touch with my friends from the orphan care center and have employed many of them at my store.


Lastly, my message to the community is loud and clear; orphans need your help in any way, so don’t ever hesitate when you consider giving towards their cause.


The story I told you today is one of many, but there are other stories that are still waiting to be written. You can be the reason they become success stories like this one.