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Al-Aman Fund | Success Story – Omar’s Story
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Omar’s Story

I may not be certain that my story is worth the read, but I know that somewhere between the lines lies motivation; motivation for every orphan who feels lonely and is seeking happiness. There are many who live amongst their families yet feel orphaned, while others, who are actual orphans and have been proving themselves despite their circumstances. I believe that anyone, no matter what his or her circumstances are, can be something significant in this world.


I was born an orphan and lived a tough life full of misery and mistrust because of the common social misconception surrounding orphans; which drove me to leave school in the 9th grade and spiral into depression and isolation. I felt the absence of security; an essential aspect of living and existence especially for a child.


And when all the doors closed in my face, I couldn’t find a way out and the desperation started to fill my heart. But things changed when the orphanage helped me get in touch with Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, which was like a candle that lit the road for me and dissipated all my anxiety and fear. The Fund supported me to figure out my role in life and resume my studying. Today I am a proud diploma graduate with a degree in film making.


My experience taught me to invest all that I have learned and become a true influencer, it has pushed me to produce a biography about my achievements. I am a person who despite being an orphan worked on building himself and improving his abilities to prove to the world that when a person finds someone that believes in him and supports him, he can achieve miracles!